So, is blogging for money still the bomb?

Blogging online has become a most intriguing subject for more people streaming to the internet ever since the meltdown of the world economy. In the gripe of financial distress, so many people in the hunt for an honest money making way off the internet – finally come to terms with blogging and making money organically off blogs.

Passion + Perserverance + Patience = Blogging

Most people don't really realize that the entire concept of blogging takes so much time and effort though. Literally millions and millions of people compete at it all at once all the time – it's like building a house from scratch with either time or loads of money. So let's get to the point.
Do you have your blog pillars in place?
Right before any blog starts - just like with a house - it needs a foundation, a plan - and pillars.

Can you build hundreds of blog posts on the subject you choose - and if you can't or don't plan on doing so - how will you remain competitive in the blogging industry?And together with your ambitious thought of publishing relentless posts on your blog - are you also anxious at starting your new blog venture to remain ahead of the stream?

Welcome to the blogosphere. A big big place of over 300 million post-spitting weblogs. It's mind boggling of just how many people wishing to create their own wealth online and at the same time the lack of not quite understanding as to what level and sheer effort anyone will need to put into at building a successful blog online.
In simplicity, a blog no longer just consist of some few web pages - because while it's only a blog - it's just another mere random web location with words, pictures (and perhaps videos) - things that nobody would ever remember, really. It's like some free newspaper that you get in your post (or email). You quickly take a look at whatever (garbage) someone sent you - throw it away, trying to remember in that split second whatever carried somewhat, (possibly could have been to an extent a bit of), importance. A quick promotion or some special kind message- or just the hope of some kind of luck. The hope for luck coming at you like one or the other competition you're convinced you've really won . . . Like the scams notifying you that you've won a prize. In desperation, even though for a fact that you've never entered any prize - you fall prey.
Ever felt like that? Have you ever be this overwhelmed and felt overthrown by your fate? In such a way that you'd degrade your own standards in desperation?
This is what happens all the time online.
Spam, low-quality and un-interesting has become intricate on the internet. So even though you write your own posts and you follow everything from the google book - your strong optimism for the moment won't necessarily start to begin telling the once-upon-a-time-story that you think you're highly competitive and you're blogging to the bank all the way and live happily ever after.

Yep. A blog has become a brand. Just imagine there were exactly 1 million retail stores on the internet, all selling exactly the same 1 single item. Let's say it's a digital product such as airtime or buying electricity online from them. It's not about the fact that everyone needs airtime or electricity. It's about who from the 1 million getting first to that customer - and how.
Websites that became web services has all but one thing in common: Reaching the consumer - the hundreds of millions of them out there. Whether that is trying to gain in offering your blog as a host for advertisers, selling a product to someone directly/ indirectly - or offering another service of a kind - you'll need to get to that person first.
Getting to them first, with the very best deal you could possibly give them.
I guess, for a moment, you'd probably wonder whether I'm still talking about a blog and blogging. Yes, oh, yes. And unfortunately to some. Blogging has become a full time job.
So before ever trying to start yours - just think about the sheer volumes of already existing blogs that you'll need to bypass to be amongst the ones that are successful: that amount is about 350 million of them.
How to set yourself apart from others (hint: it will take some bad ass amounts of time and bucket loads of effort):

Be unique to the extreme

Many a time it could rather be a bit daunting to write posts that doesn't reiterate something someone else already said somewhere online. In fact. It's not just difficult - it's just simply impossible to come up with stuff that's 100% unique.
Let me recap that for you quickly. Uniqueness has nothing to do with "unique word rearranging"/ word spinning. Spinning any content that you can think about irregardless of the best word spinner with breakthrough technology in artificial intelligence won't make a dent in the meaning of the word: Unique.
Uniqueness has something to do with that what people couldn't find on the internet yet or something that was almost the same thing but was totally presented in just simply an exciting form.
Nevertheless. If it's nearly impossible to talk or write about things that googlers have never ever read in their entire lives before . . . No sweat. Nothing to worry about.
The only thing you really need to be concerned about is whether real people will absolutely love your blog and what's on it. If people visit your blog and simply don't like what they see, then it's a pretty given fact that the search engines will likely follow those same people's actions. Visiting your site and leaving it again all in but just a few puny seconds . . . We all know what that means, don't we?
Harm! Absolutely bad news. Bad bounce rates that will affect your organic serp rankings in a negative, down spiralling way.
So how do you ensure you get your blogging right?

Get a better template

When I'm talking about a better template, I'm not just refering to a more organised and clean look and feel to it.
  • We're talking about font type and font size
  • We're talking about those nasty ads (are there like 100 of them?) cluttering the entire blog and killing the whole idea.
  • We're obviously talking seo

and all the other small tidbits that normally won't be regarded as important.
Just imagine you get to a blog - and all of a sudden there are flashing things going around all over the place. Things that are both distracting and irritating to the purpose of your visit to the blog: Exploring what's behind that blog post title.
Do you see how easily people could flee your blog? How easy the search engines could rank you down because people clearly won't like your content or your site? Bad bounce rates (the amount of time someone spends on a given web page (or blog for that matter) since they arrived there) is one of the most important factors out of about 200 ranking factors google includes into their algorithms as to determine who ranks where, anywhere on their search engine. I'm sure the other big ones, Yahoo and Bing have similar ranking factors.
I'm sure you're probably starting to see the bigger picture here:
Have you actually enhanced or over-enhanced your blog for the search engines in the gain of search engine optimization? Or have you messed up the entire user experience the person had when he/she came to your solution (blog post) in the first place?

Best piece of blogging advice: Just be yourself already!

The worst thing that can happen to anyone going out for a job interview is

  • when you're already nervous and you know you're not well prepared
  • the response is that your nerves goes in overdrive . . .

It all comes down to a flop. And the rest is just plain history.

When it comes to blogging, your nerves will also go into overdrive simply being overburdened by the sheer amount of competition out there all doing the same thing: You need to act like this; brake your content into bits and pieces that can make search engines fall in love with you; you need to write catchy blog posts . . . blah, blah blah.

  1. Sit down and relax.
  2. Shutt down all those rules and regulations of musts and must-nots.
  3. Don't ever feel obligated to blog at a certain rushed rate.
  4. Start thinking about all the styles of writing that you absolutely adore.
  5. Focus your mind on all the subjects that simply makes you want to write about.

And for goodness sake, calm down!

There is no specific way to follow to make blogging successful. Listen to Aaron Lee of what he has to say: "By being me, I enjoyed writing and the process more. It had me writing more than I usually would too."

A very interesting thing Chris Pirillo notes which comes down to the same thing as to say: Don't try to commercialize your blog! This is what he says: "People don’t care to follow sites so much as they care to follow people."

That is so epic and true. It's about finding an emotion in the content that people will be reading on your site that they clearly feel they can relate with and engages them into a meaningful relationship or link between blogger and reader that will outlast the stiff atmosphere of a commercial blog.

SO do you think you're blogger material?

(Does the question sound a bit offensive and sounds too challenging? Do you feel as if too much is expected when you're labeled a blogger?)

Here's a step-by-step-guide on how to start your blogging venture – setting up the technical stuff, while I hope hang around my blogging and money blog right here.

The best way to become successful is actually NOT to expect too much too soon and allow yourself to experience the utter joy to see yourself growing from baby steps to where you can walk and eventually run the race to your own successes.

Go well and enjoy!

How to speed up your blogging with guest posting

Blogging on the internet could quite be exilirating at times . . . And then you get the times in most cases when it could become very tiring.

This is why most places everywhere on the internet will always reiterate to you the importance of

1 Blogging with your own style, creatively and authoritatively

2 Writing about things that you are absolutely passionate about or can extent on quite a bit

Those two things always have one thing in common: time. Extrenious amounts of time. You will either need to already have or acquire an outstanding writing style to be able to gain recognition and acknowledgment from bloggers and whom ever manages/organising them.

However, one aspiring thing to do that pays off much faster than organic blogging?
That's right: Guest Posting.

Writing Guest Posts to build Trustworthiness, credibility and Name Branding

It is advisable to every young or new blogger to utilize guest blogging as the best and more successful way to expand your online footprint. Conclusively,  getting persistent exposure at various blogs all over the internet will ultimately create the most lasting way to ensure people can trust you.

Guest Posting: Starting with building trustworthiness and your name

The very first thing one ever needs to do whilst starting a blog, (especially a commercial one with the idea to earn one or other form of income from it) is to differentiate yourself from low quality on the internet world. This you call branding. Building reputation. Showing and making yourself visible as a leader in your niche to all the people out there.

This is where the hard work starts. As they say. You first need to crawl before you can walk. Guest posting on a blog similar to your own is like

  • making friends in your very own niche
  • and building trusts amongst those friends and their audience

Benefits of guest posting:

Getting QUALITY traffic to your blog, primary reason

An interesting blog post on an authoritative blog, will most likely create a more natural way of people there clicking through to visit your own blog. Cosequently this leads to:

 Inquisitive visits from your guest posts that will lead to better bounce rates

Imagine you write a highly interesting post on one or the other popular blog. Then readers simply scroll down after reading the post, read up on you, and just on the spot decide to check out who this person is that's responsible for such an engaging read.

There's simply no better way at getting better website traffic than having your own signature on other people's websites. Just imagine you get 100 visitors from 10 different guest posts every single day?

There's no imagery here.

For the average niche blog you will write a guest post for will most certainly be able to send you 100 visitors every single day. Authority sites where you successfully pitched and have your content posted could many a time give you up to 1000 visitors a day. That's one guest post that can give you 1000 highly targeted people to your preferred website/ blog.

You will sooner rather than later realize that the whole idea behind writing highly engaging and thoughtful guest posts on the best blogs around in your niche, will act as a catalyst for both short term and long term benefits.

Short term benefits: Insteading of sending your credit card into overdrive in trying to make people aware about you PAYING, cent for cent and dollar for dollar in Google Adsense – you'll get instant gratification from your instant blog traffic that you'll gain from those reputable blogs sending you the traffic. Thousands of targeted blog traffic can lead to all kinds of things. Most notably it can lead to direct sales.

Long term benefits: These are the greatest benefits. Finding someone's face on different blogs often, may suggest to someone that that person is there to stick around and that he is part of a larger community in which he/she is making their mark in. Yes, I'm talking about building reputation and trust. Guest posts from authoritative blogs will send your own reputation into tendem. Besides this one long term benefit, there's at least one more.

Building your subscriber list

Every blog needs to start from scratch. Irregardless of how influential it may be one day - they all need to start from the ground, up. This is one of the greatest long term benefits a blogger can get from any other blogger.

Simply put. Being a guest blogger is the STARTING POINT of engaging with a particular community ALL THE TIME. This includes but is not limited to commenting and discussing your point of view from your guest post.

The end results is as simple as it could be, however, consistent involvement is what will be required. A confirmation to say that, listen I'm around and I'm always here.

People will like you in due time and eventually this will consistently lead to the fact that people will subscribe to your blog - and the history of the end result of your hard work will pay off: You will gain your OWN community on your blog and become that very same authority blog whom everyone would want run to in the hope that they could benefit from all your readers.

So what do you decide? Will you remain writing your own blog posts on your own site and gain traction over many months? Or will you writing FIRST to gain twofold benefits: highly targeted traffic and building a brand name?

What will it be? Hope you will make the right choice, there!

How NOT to buy Edu backlinks and get FREE HIgh PR 4-7 Actual Page Authority!

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Poweful Edu Backlinks will give you organic SERP positions

                   No my friend.

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How to succeed earning $1000 per month just being consistent

Making money, to be realistic, have become quite difficult to earn online, seeing to it that so many people have become aware of it in recent times. Learn how to genuinely succeed in mastering this skill with consistency as key ingredient and the golden rule above all rules.

Blog consistently, make money consistently

The only way to separate making money online from not making money online – is being established or not.

Having a large/established presence online or not will dramatically impact trust, just as it does in the real world. Even as you create free pages, blogs or websites on,, or and similar web 2.0 content platforms in trade of a few cents from Google Adsense, literally over months – dollars will never come forward this way.

To genuinely earn $1000 or more per month, much faster, much easier, is by utilizing the correct set of established websites that will, logically, empower you financially. What is probably the most interesting thing in accordance with a swarm – an army – a galaxy and magnitude of millions of people jumping on the make money online bandwagon – every now and then – is that they often experience bitter frustration and failure along the road, knowingly that it's probably because there are too much people online doing the same as they do. The fact that they 'know' is the interesting part – because they simply don't nearly realize what they perceivably know.

At the end of the day their thoughts never dig deeper, taken from the small effort and clumsy approach and little energy they put into what they should do. This climaxes to that what they are doing. Just as they 'know' that hundreds of millions of people compete over the same resources online, they don't see the dramatic picture like that of an over bustling New York City multiplied by 1,348 New York Cities in their minds – thus not realizing that they're  just single little grains of sand on the beach. Who will ever notice them?

Even huge international corporations fight for positions daily. Markets fall and climb based on the perceptions of the driving force of those companies.
People who are only stimulated by which company's product or service is best. So while established international companies continuously proceed to communicate through advertising and innovation, improving their products and services – how does one person like yourself start making money?

Think logically.

If you have high hopes at making money online and see logic in the possibility of it – start working. Draw up a plan, gather information by doing some basic research online. Find logic sense in everything you do. Finally put your plan to action. Logically enough, you'll realize that you will need to build and establish a presence online first in order for people to trust you (or your website) enough to purchase that $10 product from your website.

Getting an online presence of 1 year in just one month

There is absolutely nothing wrong by building a free page on or having an account on similar websites such as However, if you didn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account until now – you should not be getting those accounts now, either . . .

Unless you don't want to become successful with blogging and with your brand simultaneously.

Let's forget about that sarcasm, for a moment - and get back at focusing: Even if you're not really into social networking, I can't stress enough - you need that Facebook account - and that Twitter account - and that Google Plus one too - to build a successful brand and to harness the seo benefits of it as well.

Getting an account from social websites will add some value in the long run to your small business as well, even if you don't initially get quality visitors from those websites that are willing to buy. And even if they are bad with search engine optimization as well - in the long run it's about having an internet presence.

Building trust is one of the key important factors when building your blog (tagged with that brand, who you are).

Doing research and working from a plan is vital to prevent loss of time and frustration. Being able to gain a longstanding online presence in a matter of days would only be possible at reach by harnessing outsource work. For this reason, intervene and embrace established websites, but also websites where multitudes of people stand by ready to assist you.

Websites such as, and similar other sites where you can get a large job done for very little compensation.

On these types of websites you will find people that would be able to do anything for you available under the sun, while it would only cost you from $3 and $5 to $15 and sometimes more.

Imagine being able to gain 1000 bookmarks from established sites (1000 backlinks) costing you $9? Imagine you can outsource all the tasks needed to be done for just a few dollars while you can start concentrating on something else. I would advice not to underestimate the value one can get by using these services. While it's more possible that you might expect too much from a $5 job sometimes ( people on these websites aren't specific to the finest detail) and sometimes feel you have been scammed – you can truly find absolute bargains on these websites.

If you look deeper into these tasks, you could actually find the great ones from the hyped ones. As at the end of the day one very important thing is: these people have $1,000's of expensive programs and software able to do things automatically by the click of a button. This might not be the first choice on hand for you, as it might sound a bit spammy. Not necessarily. The thing is with real planning, you can sell even ten $10 products, earning $100 per day, never mind JUST $1,000 a month.

You can actually make lots of money on the internet. As long as you take that very important factor into account: everything that's logical. So work hard. Start from the bottom. Work your way up - and keep being consistent.

Go well.

How to make $3,000 or more with other people’s websites

How do you make money from other people's websites? 

This might sound very strange to make money with others' websites, but in reality you can make money from someone else's domain names – as you obviously won't get access to their actual websites or blogs such as their content in the form of articles, blog posts, pictures and comments etc.

The way of making money is called domain-harvesting or simply more informally known as domain snatching. If I were you I'd definitely tap into this market as a viable source to make money with. Perhaps you don't quite understand and realize the potential of how much money you can get from this specific way.

The purpose of this short article is to bring you closer to reality that you can ultimately reap beyond $3,000 a month from domain-harvesting.

While some people are using very sophisticated software to look upon expiring domains with specific characteristics, most people scavenge around the World Wide Web in sweat and labor, looking and hunting for websites that will soon expire in the next few days. While some people appeal to the liking of already expired domain names, I must add that the purpose of those doing so is completely different from domain snatching. They would do it to buy such a domain to keep it. It is more vital of the essence in terms of time and taking in more money to gain in on expiring domain names (those that were websites) rather than those who would already expired.

You wouldn't be able to snatch an expired domain – you could only buy it. Ultimately meaning that you cannot benefit to make $10s of instant cash at once per domain name.

Domain Snatching

This is not a form of website hi-jacking – but rather a very profitable way to make money with. Whenever you'd come off to a website and making money with domain names would be the topic – you'll likely hear the same thing present on different websites scattered around: there's money in it buying an expired domain name and either reselling it or parking it and make a few single bucks from the ads on an empty website.

With domain snatching, many in secrecy, operate and guide this profitable information they know about, day by day. Standing by to gobble up any good standing website, registering its domain name in their names the very second it wasn't renewed by its owner in time. This is where the easy money starts rolling in.

The soonest you succeed in registering a website name/domain in/under your own name (because the owner didn't renew it in time), it becomes your property.

What do you do with this property?

  • Start a blog by installing and launching the Wordpress blogging platform with your domain name.

  • Publish an article related to the content that was in the blog still a day or two ago.

Now you have a blog and not just a domain name.

In the first place, you would've probably looked to snatch up a website that have an Alexa rank nearer to the top 1000,000 – but more importantly, one that would have more than 100 dofollow backlinks to the main domain, rather than just the blog posts or articles. This will ensure that the website will actually sustain half or even more of its previous ranking strength to retain the visitor amounts from Google.

You will definitely benefit $10 or more per day from advertising revenue from one blog. So if you snatch up 10 websites with a favorable seo background – you'll likely score more than $100 a month from 10 domains that cost you $10/year or $100 for all ten per year.

That isn't the ultimate way to profit though. In fact, keeping the domain names won't make you a lot of money. Once you successfully gained power over others' websites names and they haven't contacted you, you can contact them in the first three days in the hope that they'd want their domains back. They would be able to start a new blog with the content that was on their previous website name you now own. However, they'll need to work from start to get that new blog with the old content ranked, by building backlinks organically. This will take many weeks up into a few months.

Negotiate with this person that you'll gladly sell his domain name back to him so that he may restore his website to the full – for $50 or at most $100. Don't ever be greedy to ask more than this, as above $100, the person would probably buy himself an existing blog and just import his content into that blog, anyway.

Most likely however, especially when you are polite and also mention that you might want to sell the domain you now own with the strong seo background to the public for a better offer if he or she don't respond within 3-5 days (in a timely manner) – the previous domain name owner will buy back his domain as it grew sentimental value towards him or her.

Doing the calculations: If you could successfully snatch up 15 expiring domains per week with good seo rankings and you sell them back to their owners for $60 – you'll profit $750 in one week, translating into $3,000 a month. After selling the domain names you found not getting renewed in time, repeat for more successes. There are millions of websites, although only about 500,000 really have actual value.

Simply do a manual search in Google for words such as “domain name” + created: 20.01.14 expires: 20.01.16 as an example. With the greatest emphasis on the expire date.

Sometimes, in fact, it would be best only to search “domain name” + expires 20.01.16 ONLY. There are obviously more specific ways to obtain information in this regard that will also make your task easier. However, you don't need to spend money to make this work for you. That's exactly why Google is there.

Have fun, and I hope you find all the success in the world.